Meet Dr. Song & Dr. Jin – Parkway Dental Care

Dr. Daniel Song

Dr. Song is a gentle, caring dentist who uses the most advanced materials and procedures available. He practices comfortable, health-centered dentistry with a strong emphasis on getting to know each of his patients. In addition to his technical proficiency, Dr. Song is an attentive listener and will explain beforehand what treatment is best for your individual needs.

Dr. Song is a member or the Academy of General Dentistry, the Chicago Dental Society and the Illinois State Dental Society.

Dr. Song looks forward to your visit and to showing you how dentistry can help improve your life.

Dr. Yu Linda Jin

Dr. Jin graduated from Tufts University, School of Dental Medicine with the highest distinction of Summa Cum Laude. Along with her research at the university, she was inducted into the prestigious National Dental Honor Society.

In her continual pursuit for excellence, Dr. Jin spent one intensive year at the highly sought after Toronto General Hospital. Working alongside multiple medical specialists, she treated patients with trauma, cancer, transplants, HIV… Over the years she also completed residencies with The TMJ and Sleep Therapy Research Institute and the International Association for Orthodontics.

While working in a private office, Dr. Jin also acted as a dental consultant for a major insurance company. In this capacity, she was privy to dentistry from around the country, enabling her to adapt the best for her patients.

Dr. Jin also believes in giving back to the very community we live in. She regularly spends her time away from the private office at a community health clinic for the underprivileged and the homeless, restoring health and function one smile at a time regardless of ones background.

In her spare time, you can find Dr. Jin in a kickboxing class at the local health club or along the Chicago River with her killer Yorkiepoo named Fang.


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