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Dental Fillings in Arlington Heights Rolling Meadows, IL

Cavities are a common dental problem for many people, and there are several dental treatments that can be used to strengthen the tooth after a cavity has been removed. At Parkway Dental Care, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality dental care available in the area. We offer fast, effective tooth fillings to improve your smile.

Why Do You Need Dental Fillings?

There are several reasons why you might need a tooth filling, and Dr. Daniel Song can help you determine if this dental treatment is right for your individual needs. The most common reason a dental filling is required is because the tooth had a cavity that needed to be fixed. When the dentist removes the decayed portion of the tooth, a space is left that needs to be filled in. Dental fillings are used to restore the tooth to a natural shape and size.

Another reason that a tooth filling might be needed is if a tooth is broken or cracked. Sometimes accidents happen, and it is important to repair the tooth as quickly as possible in order to prevent future problems. Dental fillings are a great solution to strengthen the tooth and restore it after an accident.

Don’t Delay Dental Treatments

Whether you have a toothache, cavity, or a broken tooth, it is important that you contact us here at Parkway Dental Care as soon as possible. Delaying your dental treatment might result in expensive repairs later on. Often, a small dental filling right now can save you from the headache and expense of bigger treatments in the future.

The most common reason for people to delay their appointment for a tooth filling is because they are worried about dental fillings cost. But, basic fillings are much more affordable than paying for another dental treatment later. An untreated tooth might continue to decay or break even more, resulting in a tooth that can no longer be repaired with a basic dental filling.

The best thing that you can do is maintain routine check-ups with your dentist. Visiting our dental office every six months will allow us to monitor your dental health and help you identify potential treatments that can save you the hassle of bigger issues in the future.

If you notice that you are having a problem with one of your teeth, then it is important that you call us right away. For example, if you have a toothache or something is bothering you, then it is best to have us look at your teeth to determine if tooth filling or another type of dental treatment is needed. Call us today to schedule your appointment!


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